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Everything is lived in the forest

SYLVA LYRIC invites you to feel the benefits of frequenting trees and vocal vibrations. With sylvotherapy in full voice, you connect with the living within you, and you thus discover the well-being, the fullness, the creativity, and the physical and psychological health which result from it.

The activities are aimed at a wide audience of adults and children, individuals or groups of people, in good health or with illnesses.

SYLVA LYRIC is a 1901 law association founded in 2020 by Vincent Karche (author, tenor, forester, founder of RandOlyrics), Pierre Poupard (former head of UNICEF) and Jean-Marc Chavigny (dermatologist, navigator, author). They bring together their unique skills and experiences to create this first Nature / Culture / Health center .

SYLVA LYRIC also has an international component, SYLVA KIDS , which aims to recognize the high value of the message of children living in intimacy with the forest, and to protect their cultural and natural environment. In Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.

The SYLVA LYRIC Center welcomes you in the Forêt du Gâvre (44) , but also occasionally at the Folie de Finfarine (85) and elsewhere.

Welcome everyone, just as you are.

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